Our Icelandic sheep are shorn twice a year, in the fall and again in the spring before lambing.    In October, the fleeces are their most luxuriant, these fleeces are sold as raw fleeces, roving, or handspun 100 yard skeins, spun by me during the long, cold, Wisconsin winter nights into a lovely lopi style yarn.  The sheep are shorn again in March before the natural wool break occurs and before lambing.  Spring fleeces typically have a shorter staple and are used for felting and are sold as raw fleeces, they can be processed into roving and wool batts by request but do require time for processing.  All Icelandic fleeces are skirted and picked through by hand to remove vegetable matter and are very clean.
Prices on adult fleeces are the same per pound regardless of colour as all of our fleeces are sought after by spinners and fiber artisans for their superior quality.  Lamb fleeces run a little higher due to the fact that each sheep only produces one lamb fleece in their liftime and  they're known for their softness.   Please make your requests early as fleeces sell quickly and not all forms (raw fleeces, roving, handspun yarn) are available.  E-mail davidwgrote@cheqnet.net for availability and to reserve your fleece. 

Thank you for your interest in Whippoorwill Farm Icelandic wool products.

Handspun Lopi Style Yarn -  $20 a skein  for a very generous 100 yards (approximately 4 oz.) 

Raw Wool

Available in spring and fall
Adult fleeces $15 lb.
Lamb fleeces $20 lb.

We're pleased to offer these beautiful fleeces for your creative endeavors.   Handspun Lopi style yarn, raw wool and roving are usually available at the farm.   To purchase these one of a kind, natural coloured, handspun yarns, roving or raw wool, contact me at davidwgrote@cheqnet.net  for availability.

Wool purchases enable the flock to sustain itself, your business is very much appreciated. 

Our Roving is $35 lb

Fleeces usually run 1-4 lbs. 

Icelandic Wool from Whippoorwill Farm