Available as a limited edition Giclee Print. 
Image size is 12 X 14  inches, signed and numbered limited edition of  100 , 
$ 120.00   each plus shipping.

Eggs of the Vikings!
Icelandic Chickens are descended from the original chickens that Vikings brought to Iceland at the time of settlement, nearly 1200 years ago. With world populations at just over 3000 these eggs are truly rare. Icelandic Chickens come in a variety of colours and comb types, but their rich ivory colored eggs are the real treat!
Known for their hardiness, prolific egg laying and docile nature, Icelandic chickens are capable of foraging for their own food around a farm giving new meaning to “free range chickens”.

Icelandic Chickens Eating Pumpkin - Oil on canvas (sold)

Afternoon Catch, Evening Meal (Lake Trout on a Stringer)  (sold) - Oil on canvas

Available as a limited edition giclee print. 
Image size is 18 X 12  inches, signed and numbered limited edition of  100 , 
$ 120.00   each plus shipping.
A fly-in fishing trip to a remote cabin in the Canadian wilderness.  Even a sheep farmer needs a vacation now and then. 

"The Guardian"  Oil on Linen

Livestock guardian dogs (LGDs), are indispensable for protecting livestock on farms where stray dogs and predators can take a toll on domestic animals and a farmers profits.  A great LGD is worth it's weight in gold.

Astrid - Frosted Black Mouflon Patterned Ewe Lamb - Oil on canvas  (sold)

Available as a limited edition Giclee Print.
Image size is  8 X 10  signed and numbered limited edition of 100 , 
$  65.00   each plus shipping.

Icelandic sheep come in several patterns and colours. Astrid is our first black mouflon pattered ewe and came to us from Jager Farm in Massachusetts, the first Icelandic sheep farm in the US. I love this painting of Astrid, it really captures the true loveliness of her character.

The Hay Thieves - Mona, Monika, Delilah and Nanna  -  Oil on canvas  (sold)

Available as a limited edition Giclee Print.
Image size is 8 X 10  inches, signed and numbered limited edition of  100 , 
$  75.00   each plus shipping.

I think this painting really captures their personalities. The scene takes place in our shed.. The sheep have just been shorn. The two sheep (Monika and Nana) who are looking to the right are actually watching our sheep shearer Chris Anfang who is just finishing with Margret. Delilah is standing on the fence, swiping hay while Mona ,waiting her turn, looks on. You can see the plywood that has been placed unsuccessfully in front of the hay as a deterrent.
All of our sheep wear handmade Swiss sheep bells. We live in the woodsand there are no other farms or open fields around us. Icelandic sheep are excellent browsers and love to eat brush. Our fear was that the sheep would get out and be lost in the woods, eating their way further and further from home. The bells would help us to at least hear and locate them. The bells have the added benefit of being quite charming ringing softly as the sheep graze on the hillside or at dusk when the sheep come in from the field for the night.

Unfortunate Victim of Shore Lunch - Canadian Lake trout

Image size 6 1/8 X 7 1/2  inches - Oil on wood panel  
$750 framed

Giclee prints available 

Mona and Lamb - Oil on canvas

$2700  framed  image size 9 X 12 inches

Available as a limited edition giclee print.

I don’t know if there is anything I enjoy and look forward to more than spring on the farm, with a freshness in the air and new life all around you. Lambing season can be especially rewarding when you see an attentive ewe caring for her new born lambs and the results of years of caring for, planning, and breeding to produce the next generation of Icelandic Sheep. The warm morning light on Mona and the inside of the barn helps to take the chill out the early April air.

Margret with Icelandic Chickens - Oil on wood panel   (sold)

Available as a limited edition Giclee Print. 
Image size is 7.5 X 11 inches, signed and numbered limited edition of  100 ,
$75.00  each plus shipping.

I enjoy seeing the animals on our farm interact with each other. This scene of Margret with a small flock of Icelandic chickens really touched my heart. Icelandic Sheep and Icelandic Chickens have evolved together since the Vikings settled Iceland over 1100 years ago. Icelandic sheep were first imported in 1985 and Icelandic chickens in 2003. It is not that every sheep farm in Iceland has Icelandic Chickens, but when we introduced the new Icelandic chickens to our sheep, it was as though they were seeing long lost relatives. 

Margret-  Oil on copper plate  (sold)

Available as a limited edition Giclee Print. 

Image size is 8 X 8  inches, signed and numbered limited edition of  100 , 
$ 55.00 each plus shipping.

Margret is well known to visitors to our farm and is one of our most beloved sheep. She is known for her “Bette Davis eyes”, her gentle nature and for her enormous appetite. She is always eating or looking for food. It took everything in me not to paint her with hay sticking out of both sides of her mouth. She is a beautiful and special girl.

198L - Big Boy  -   Oil on Belgium linen mounted on board     (sold)

Available as a limited edition Giclee Print. 
Image size is 18 X 14 inches, signed and numbered limited edition of  100 , 
$ 120.00   each plus shipping.

Bred by Barbara Webb of Jager Farm in Massachusetts, Big Boy was an amazing ram. The product of artificial insemination, his father was one of the top coloured rams kept at the Southram Station in Iceland. We were so proud to have him in our flock. His one flaw, the horn-like scurs on his head. I always thought it gave him character but it was an undesirable trait for a polled ram. His genetics made him too valuable to end up in the freezer so Big Boy was used for several years at Jager Farm before coming to Wisconsin. Big Boy gave us several beautiful polled lambs and one amazing ram lamb, Valur (his last) before his death in November 2006. Despite his fierce looks he was an extremely gentle and docile ram. There is a saying here in North America that when Icelandic sheep pass on they go back to Iceland to roam the hills of their ancestors, I would like to think this is true for Big Boy and all of our Icelandic sheep. We miss him very much but see his spirit in his offspring everyday. 

Original Oil Paintings and Giclee Prints by - David Grote

If you wish to purchase a painting or giclee print, send an e-mail to davidwgrote@cheqnet.net with your request.