Icelandic Sheep For Sale   2018

The following adult sheep from our flock are for sale.  Below you will also see our 2018 lamb list with available lambs.  You can follow them on our Facebook page: Whippoorwill Farm and Studio.

Nice ewe lamb, probably not the best photo of her.  Her dam, pictured below, is one of our largest ewes and her sire is enormous.  She should mature to nice sized ewe.  She's a twin and comes from two of our best maternal lines on her dams side.  Carries moorit and spotting.   


Lovely ewe lamb out of one of our favorite ewes from The Creek's Edge.  We lost her dam shortly after lambing and she was adopted and raised by Frida, picture here.  Excellent soft wool and a nice meaty build.  She should have good meat and leanness qualities, she also carries moorit and spotting from her sire. 


Mora is not yet registered, but will be soon.  She is the last daughter of our old favorite ram Bjarni, and Bjork.  She is just a yearling and was an excellent first time mom to her lovely ewe lamb.  This lamb carries moorit, and possible spotting.  Looks to have her dams lovely fleece and should be an excellent milker.


Two elegant looking ewe lambs, both have beautiful faces and builds.  Could carry, moorit and spotting.  Nice combination of older and new AI genetics.  Should pass on some nice meat qualities as well as milkiness.  Lovely looking gals.

$550 each

Grima and Skrautisson 


Two nice ewe lambs, a spotted moorit grey and a solid moorit mouflon.  Should carry some nice meat and leanness qualities from sire as well as nice wool qualities, especially for softness, from dam.         Dam is a heavy milker.

$550 each   (WPW M4P 99F ON HOLD Sale pending)

Ostara and Bragi

Mora and Bragi

Beautiful spotted badgerface ewe with a lot of nice AI genetics.  She should have good meat qualities from her sire and dam, she certainly has her mother silky dense fleece.  A really sweet ewe, dam was an excellent milker.  

Not for sale at this time

Filipia and Bragi

TCE AI Ram M5SP 074D  $700   Skrautisson 

He will be $600 after breeding season.

Ewe Lambs For Sale

Ram Lambs For Sale

Hedda and Bragi

Sigrun and Bragi

This ram is from on of our best maternal lines.  Dam was very milky and one of our largest ewes.  This ram would make a great meat prospect if you're wanting to put some meat and leanness into your flock.  Really nice meaty, round rump and good shoulders.  He was a twin and carries some great AI genetics.


Nice ram, is a twin from a super maternal line.  Dam is large, milky with good meat qualities.  Sire is enormous, very meaty, long bodied, good wool quality and super AI genetics. 


Super nice ram, has a twin brother who looks just like him.  Great maternal lines, dam is a reliable twiner, easy lamber, and good milker.  Great AI genetics, striking black grey fleece and long silky wool.  Should have great meat qualities from both dam and sire.

Reasonably priced at $550



WPW 01P 102F

WPW 01P 103F

WPW 01P 105F


WPW 01P 104F

WPW 01P 101F


Filipia and Bragi

     WPW 01P 95F

Photo coming soon

WPW 01P 96F

WPW B25P 97F

ON HOLD Sale Pending